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Office Spaces

Unlimited Productivity. Maximize Employee Output. Take Control of your Office Space/Meeting Rooms thereby letting your Employees Operate in an Environment of Zen. Let your Office Space adapt to your Employees' Needs.

Aura helps facilitate an intelligent workplace wherein Employees are able to not just control their surroundings but also their activities throughout the day. Avoid the hassle of dealing with lost customers or employees using 3rd party way-finder apps or even enable digital cafeterias, information kiosks and booking systems.

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Control Rooms and Manufacturing Plants need to maintain ideal temperatures at all time in order to avoid potentially disastrous consequences due to temperature fluctuations. Apart from the temperature itself, plant operators need optimum lighting conditions in order to carry out their task given the stress they operate under. In this scenario, Aura can help maintain industrial uptime and efficiency.

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Your students don't deserve to have their time and focus taken away from them. Aura provides an ideal platform to integrate all existing and emerging classroom-based solutions. These solutions may include smart projectors, smart screens, and the regular classroom / lecture hall settings.

Aura can help save valuable time here by making sure all of the In-House equipment is in sync and ready for the class. Most lectures start-off with significant delays given the time it takes for any presenter to setup and start off with their terminals. Empower Future Generations through Aura.

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Home away from Home. Why should anyone be limited by their Surroundings? With Aura, any Guest has the Freedom to live his signature lifestyle at will. Throw in a variety of voice-enabled services such as Room Service, Spa & Restaurant Reservations and Tour Guide bookings – and you have a Guest who’ll keep coming back for more.

This would mean a much better experience for any guest while helping hotels further optimize operations with a single application console enabling them to get more out of their services in terms of revenue and visibility.

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Real Estate

Home is where the Heart is. Aura can help create the ideal Smart Home for prospective customers through its ability to blend in with any homeowner's lifestyle. Coupled with Better Security, Better Energy Savings & Behavioral Insight, owners can rest assured lead a sustainable and secure lifestyle.

Aura further integrates with multiple service-based offerings such as Community Management Solutions, Ride-Hailing Apps, Grocery Apps and Food-Delivery Services – giving any owner access to a plethora of 3rd Party Services from a single platform.

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Every Patient deserves Better Care & Treatment. Aura contributes to the cause by facilitating Automated Patient Rooms improving the Overall Patient Experience. Adapting to a Patient's Need at Will can go a long way in Aiding Speedy Recovery.

The world is going digital and so does the patient experience — patients and hospitals use more and more high-tech devices both in hospital rooms and on outpatient basis. Patients use wearables, remote monitoring devices and smartphones to monitor their vitals and medication; hospitals use smart TVs and tablets to educate staff and patients; electronic health records (EHRs) are to aggregate all patient information and provide healthcare professional with all data necessary to provide quality care.

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